About Us

Welcome to Orchard Weaves a handmade fiber arts and fiber supply run by me, Robin, a mom of two, who loves creating and imagining life through color and texture. I am passionate about this creative outlet of mine making uniquely curated pieces and I hope that you find something that makes you feel the same.

I opened my small business as a creative outlet for my art saturated mind in ways that my full time job would never allow me to. It started with making wreaths and floral décor which I learned from mother, a florist of 30+ years. I stumbled across the world of fiber arts in 2018 by teaching myself macrame as a more focused and methodical outlet for expressing my creativity and relieving stress. Macrame soon led me to the world of weaving and I immediately fell in love with this new art in mid-2020. 

I found myself weaving through the stress, anxiety, and all the other ickies in my life at the time. Working as a manager in healthcare during a pandemic...need I say more? Weaving helped me get through it. Weaving went from being a creative outlet to for pent up artistic energy to an outlet for repressed feelings that I didn't know I needed to unleash and for that matter how to unleash them. 

I have created some of my favorite pieces when I have been deep in reflection and "meditation" while weaving. I've made tons of new friendships along the way and have even met a few people along the way. Needless to say I love my art, the whole dang process, and I hope you do too. 

And here is that ever necessary networking tagline...

Let's get social! Find my shop on Instagram @orchardweaves.